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Special Requests

Thank you for your interest in Calvary Chapel Magazine images. We have been overwhelmed with many requests from ministries we have covered in the magazine wanting access to photos. Photography costs are astronomical and each request involves lengthy communication. Below is a written explanation of the time management and financial considerations.


Tom Price, Editor

Sunset at  life guard house on Maui, Hawaii Beach

Churches or ministries requesting photographs

The ministry of Calvary Chapel Magazine is to glorify God through sharing testimonies with words and pictures in a printed publication. All of our efforts are directed toward this purpose. Each issue of CCM is a major undertaking that involves hundreds of hours by a staff of four and a few regular volunteers. Often, ministries and churches featured in the magazine would like to use photos we have taken of their ministry for other purposes. We are not at all opposed to this. In fact, we have set up an online photo store specifically for this purpose.

However, each request diverts already-very-limited resources outside the sphere of CCM's objective. With this in mind, we ask every ministry to consider and value this investment of resources by using our online photo store to purchase images. Each purchase helps us to continue to provide this service as wells as assists the primary purpose of CCM's ministry.

If your ministry is serious about obtaining photos from our online photo store, please read the about photos, payment, and shipping information. After you have reviewed the information, if you would still like to purchase images, please let us know via email: contact@calvarymagazine.org. Please include your  name, ministry name, intended use of Calvary Chapel Magazine Photos, and phone number. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for a response.

Once we are notified, we will commit time to creating a personal gallery for your ministry. We do not create image galleries for every ministry or story. We only invest time in creating private galleries when a ministry has expressed an interest in and plans to purchase images.

Remember, setting up each gallery diverts resources away from our primary ministry. Therefore, we charge a one-time setup fee of $50, plus the cost of each photograph ordered.

If you decide to purchase images, we hope they will be a memorial of what the Lord has done in your fellowship and they will be a blessing for years to come.