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That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works. —Psalm 26:7

The vision of Calvary Chapel Magazine is to produce a publication that glorifies God and His Son, Jesus Christ. Through photographs and stories, we document how God is reaching the world with the Gospel through Calvary Chapel churches. We seek to capture some of the amazing ways the Holy Spirit is changing lives—using ordinary believers and the power of His Word. Our goal is for every article to demonstrate that our Lord is at work in the world today.

As we share God’s wondrous works, our desire is to lead people to a better understanding of who Jesus is. We are committed to showing our readers what a personal relationship with Jesus Christ looks like in the practical situations of daily life. Our prayer is that people’s hearts will draw closer to our Savior as they witness others serving God with humility and faith—and that they might realize God’s calling for their own lives.

From the publication’s inception, Pastor Chuck Smith, who passed away in 2013, envisioned Calvary Chapel Magazine as a tool to unite Calvary Chapels at home and abroad. We take that mission seriously. Our publication will always support the biblical principles that give the Calvary Chapel family of churches a unique role within the body of Christ.

These distinctives include a balanced perspective of the Holy Spirit and teaching the whole counsel of God, verse by verse through the Bible. The best way to understand the mission of Calvary Chapel Magazine is simply to read it for yourself. If you are unfamiliar with this Christ-centered publication, take a moment to look at a few of our past articles by visiting the online archives.

In Christ our Savior,

Tom Price Editor